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Frankie V & The Boys From Jersey.

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  2014 was a difficult year, losing my best friend, Mark Winner, on June 14th. He was a fabulous piano accompanist, and recording partner. We had 35 years on and off. Farewell, my friend....


Milestones....September 10, 2014 marked 25 years and in 2016, I am so excited to pass 8500 shows for seniors!!!!

Can you believe I still love it!!!!



August 4, 2010 at the Starlight Theater, Rockford, Illinois, Rock Valley College Campus. What great Audience! I think I am the spec on the stage. I was honored to return to the Starlight stage August 6, 2015, this time for a tribute to Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons.



My latest show, October 31, 2017

Sullivan Sings The Beach Boys


April 4, 2016

Sullivan Sings Andy Williams


April 3, 2015

Frankie V. & The Boys From Jersey

my tribute to Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons


 My latest Christmas CD,

Christmas Around The World, adds 12 new songs to my Christmas show

Tributes to Ricky Nelson, The Beatles and Neil Diamond!


Doo-Wop At The Hop!

& An All New

Sullivan Sings For Sweethearts

are now available!!!!

Click Here>: New Show . Sullivan Sings The Beach Boys

The Beach Boys started with three brothers, a cousin and two friends. The eldest brother, Brian Wilson, born in 1942, is the musical genius behind the group. Next oldest, Dennis Wilson, the drummer, born 1944, then Carl Wilson, guitarist and singer, born 1946. Cousin, Mike Love, sings lead on many of their songs as well as writing a majority of the lyrics. Al Jardine is the fifth original member along with David Marks, who left following a dispute with the Wilson's father. Bruce Johnston joined in 1965 when Brian Wilson chose to concentrate on writing and studio production. Their tight harmonies were very smooth and blended so well because they were mostly family. Sort of a genetic connection. They were really smart when it came to marketing. They understood not every teenager lived near an ocean and could go surfing, but so many were hot rod lovers, they put a surfing song on one side of a record and a hot rod song on the other. Often given the title, America's Band, they still perform well after 50 years together.

Click Here>: New Show . Sullivan Sings Andy Williams

A tribute to one of America's most popular singers. Andy was born in Wall Lake, Iowa, and he never lost his small town, Midwestern values. He began singing in church with his brothers, Bob, Don and Dick. Andy was the youngest of the singing quartet. Their father, Jay, recognized the talent these boys had, so he moved the family to Des Moines where they appeared on the WHO Barn Dance radio show. Next was Chicago's National Barn Dance for a year. Due to an extreme union contract, most radio stations could only afford a few, if any, live performers. One surviving station was WLW, took the family to Cincinnati. Jay set his sites on Hollywood and the movies. They caught the ear of Bing Crosby and he wanted them on Swinging On A Star. After a few movies, WWII halted that avenue. Kay Thompson, an MGM vocal coach, worked with stars from Judy Garland to Frank Sinatra. Tired of the grind, she invited the Williams brothers to perform on the first of it's kind, world class lounge act. Kay mentored Andy and helped land his first recording contract and television appearance. He would land in Branson, Missouri where he built the world class Moon River Theater, and the rest is history....

Click Here>: New Show . Sullivan Sings Frankie V. & The Boys From Jersey

A tribute to four young fella's from New Jersey. Tommy DeVito, his brother Nick and Nick Massi, formed a trio in 1951. One night they invited Frankie up to sing. In 1959 a young bowling alley pin spotter, named Joe Pesci, (yes, the actor)  said he knew a guy who was a genius. He wrote, "Who Wears Short, Shorts." Bob Gaudio became the newest member and soon Tommy D., Nick M., Bob G., and Frankie, would change their name to The Four Seasons. There have been several different lineups, voices and musicians, over the years. All of them strong vocalists with a string of hits from 1962 to 1978. They were inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame in 1990 and the Vocal Group Hall of Fame in 1999. The play as well as the movie, Jersey Boys have been very successful. When Frankie was asked what was the high point, the Hall of Fame, selling over a hundred-million records? He said, "the first time we sat under the street lamp and made that sound. Our sound!"

Click Here>: New Show ...... Sullivan Sings Ricky Nelson

A tribute to a man whose career began on the family radio show, The Adventures Of Ozzie And Harriet, in 1949. In 1952 they shot the film with he same name which would develop in the longest running reality show, family sitcom 1952-1967. Ricky sang his first song, A Teenagers Romance, in April, 1957. The cards and letters poured in, so the songs kept flowing. Between 1957-1962, the only rock artists with more top-40 hits were Elvis with 53 and Pat Boone with 38. Ricky had 30. Although the press reported the airplane crash December 31, 1985, killing Ricky and band members was caused by free basing cocaine, the National Transportation Safety Board, reported a year later, not drugs, but a faulty electric heater caused the fire.

Click Here>:New Show ...... Sullivan Sings The Beatles

A tribute to, as Ed Sullivan used to say, "Four Young Lads from Liverpool!" Music spanning a nine year recording career from their first release in England, Love Me Do (1962), to the last number one record, The Long And Winding Road (1970.) John Lennon asked, "why does everybody want to record Paul's songs but not mine?" I give my personal theory in the show. They influenced many other performers and changed rock & roll forever.

Click Here>:New Show ...... Sullivan Sings For Sweethearts

This is typically for the month of February, Valentines day or Sweethearts month. With completely rerecorded music and an UPDATED song list, four of the songs are borrowed from my other shows, but uniquely assimilated into this program. As the show unfolds, you'll hear one or two songs by each particular singer including Sinatra, Como, Cole, Martin, Bennett, Boone and Joel. I ask the audience to figure out who the original singer is, based on clues I give, before I sing some of the classic romantic love songs of all time, plus the greatest Valentine's song of all, My Funny Valentine.

Click Here> New Show ... Sullivan Sings Doo-Wop At The Hop

This show brings to life some of the great Doo-Wop songs from 1954 thru 1961. There were many one hit wonders during these years. Only a few groups had an extended recording career. People born in the 1930's were in their 20's when this music became popular. What is Doo-Wop?

    doo·wop (dū'wŏp') n.
A style of rhythm and blues popularized in the 1950s and characterized by words and nonsense syllables sung in harmony by small groups against a stylized rhythmic melody.  (American Heritage Dictionary)

Click Here>: New Show ...... Sullivan Sings Neil Diamond

A tribute to a man who began as a song writer and becoming the third most successful adult contemporary artist in America only behind Elton John and Barbra Streisand. Ironically he and Barbra sang in the All City Choir together. He has a multigenerational following and still packs tens of thousands of loyal fans into the largest venues after forty-five years! This program includes six songs from the 1960's, six from the 1970's and three from the 1980's. Click above to see complete song list.

Click Here>: New Show ...... Sullivan Sings Nat "King" Cole

A tribute to the man with a voice of velvet and one of the greatest jazz pianists America has ever known. This show features Mark Winner on piano, Shane Sullivan on Drums and I added the rest (vocals, bass & guitars). When I asked Marks father, Jerry, if he would record with us, he was so excited about recording once again that he began rehearsing three hours a day to get in shape! I am so honored to have worked with him if only briefly. He played with Louie Bellson, Tommy Dorsey, Glen Miller, Louie Armstrong, Raymond Scott, of course Nat "King" Cole, and many others. I have said many times Jerry was a GREAT musician but even a better friend! This show and CD are dedicated in his memory. JERRY WINNER 1920-2008. Click above to see complete song list.

Click Here>: New Show ...... Sullivan Sings Sinatra

A tribute to the man known as 'The Voice' and later 'Old Blue Eyes'. This show features Mark Winner on piano, Shane Sullivan on Drums and I added the rest (vocals, bass & guitars). Jerry Winner recorded several songs with Mark before he passed away. Shane added drums and I added bass, etc. "Fly Me To The Moon" is included on Jerry's only solo CD, "I Can't Give You Anything But Love" On Apricot Multimedia, Catalogue Number: JW-1    Click above to see complete song list.


The three previous shows


Click Here>:  New Show ...... Sullivan Sings Tony Bennett

A tribute to the most powerful voice of his generation. Always true to his music. He has always believed, great music done well transcends the generations. He is right! The background music for the live performance features Mark winner on Piano and Shane Sullivan on drums. I get to do the rest. FUN!!!!

I created the original show in May of 2001, but without background music. I've always loved singing Tony's songs. I get to belt 'em out like my Rock 'N' Roll days.  My first show was February 2, 2009. Call now to reserve your date!!!!!!!!!!! Click above for a full song list.

New Show  ..........(a new version of) Songs Of The Century

A show to ring in a new Millennium. The best of the 20th century. At least one song from each decade. Lots of music with our history decade by decade. Hear how music changed and how our lives changed with it.

New Show .......... Click Here > Sullivan Sings Harmony

This is the most complex show I have ever done. The show features very tight harmonies including songs from The Four Aces, Mills Brothers, Ink Spots, Four Lads, Andrews Sisters, Everly Brothers, Lettermen, Beach Boys and Patti Page. Patti made popular the concept of singing all the harmonies herself for many of her hit songs. With the exception of the Everly Brothers, every song has from three to eight harmonies, all me.

The Thirteen Latest CD's

* Click Here For Frankie V & The Boys From Jersey *

   This CD, Frankie V & The Boys From Jersey, was completeed April 3, 2015. All tracks were recorded in Wisconsin. Vocally, this is extremely demanding. There are fifteen hits from 1962 to 1978. Most of them, The Four Season's, but a few are solo hits for Frankie.

* Click Here For Christmas Around The World *

This CD, Christmas Around The World, was released November 7, 2012. All tracks recorded in Wisconsin. I've wanted to do a Christmas recording with songs from different parts of the world for some time. They include Puerto Rico, Italy, Germany, Ireland, Hawaii and America. Plus I wrote a brand new song, Dancing Through The Days Of Life. 

* Click Here For Sullivan Sings Ricky Nelson Information *

This CD, Sullivan Sings Ricky Nelson, was released August 18, 2012. All tracks were recorded in Wisconsin. Ricky originally recorded the first eighteen songs 1957 - 1962. Garden Party is from 1971. His exposure on The Adventures Of Ozzie And Harriet, brought rock & roll into the American home.

* Click Here For Sullivan Sings The Beatles Information *

This CD, Sullivan Sings The Beatles, was released July 17, 2012. The recording highlights music spanning the nine years the Beatles recorded together. Three piano tracks by Mark Winner, were recorded in Florida, January 14-22, 2012. All the rest recorded in Wisconsin.

* Click Here For Sullivan Sings For Sweethearts Information *

This CD, Sullivan Sings For Sweethearts, was released March 7, 2012.We recorded Mark Winner's piano tracks in Florida January 14-22 and Shane Sullivan drum tracks added the end of January. Four of the songs in the show are borrowed from other shows which have them on the CD's as well, so they do not appear here. These are very romantic songs originally done by some of the great singers, Sinatra, Como, Cole, Martin, Boone, etc.

* Click Here For Sullivan Sings Doo-Wop At The Hop Information *

This CD, Sullivan Sings Doo-Wop At The Hop, was released May 27, 2011. It took three months to produce with Shane Sullivan on drums, now our sixth project together.  18 great songs, mostly from the '50's. Some of the most memorable favorites. This CD is dedicated to the memory of a friend and fellow musician, Gary R. Bolster. He was a Purple Heart recipient - Vietnam. We had fun times sharing the stage in 1969-1970.

* Click Here For Sullivan Sings Neil Diamond Information *

This brand new CD, Sullivan Sings Neil Diamond, was released February 23, 2011. Mark Winner once again on piano for our sixth project together and my son Shane Sullivan for the fifth time.

* Click Here For Sullivan Sings Sinatra information *

This CD, Sullivan Sings Sinatra was released April 20, 2010. Mark Winner has returned once again on piano and my son Shane Sullivan is on his fourth CD. This recording has once again very special guest, Jerry Winner playing Saxophone on "Fly Me To The Moon." Also My daughter Becky (Sullivan) Sterba sings with me on Frank & Nancy's duet, "Something Stupid."

* Click Here For Sullivan Sings Nat "King" Cole Information *

This CD, Sullivan Sings Nat "King" Cole was released March 29, 2010. Mark Winner has returned once again on piano and my son Shane Sullivan is on his third CD. This recording has a very special guest, Jerry Winner on clarinet. Jerry played on Yes Sir, That's My Baby, in January, 2007 and his song Sweet Georgia Brown, in January, 2008. The project has been a long time in the making, but one I'm very proud of.

* Click Here For Sullivan Sings Tony Bennett Information *

The CD, Sullivan Sings Tony Bennett was released May 5, 2009. Once again featuring Mark Winner on piano and for the first time my son Shane Sullivan on drums. I played bass for the eight days of arranging and recording in Florida, then added guitar and vocals in Wisconsin.

* Click Here for Sullivan Sings Harmony information *

This CD, Sullivan Sings Harmony was released October 6, 2007. I sing every harmony and sometimes even more parts than the original recordings. This was two years in the planning stage before recording began.

* Click Here for My Voice & His Piano CD Information

Our CD: My Voice & His Piano was released March 13, 2007. This project features the fabulous keyboardist, Mark Winner. We're back together after a quarter century. More recordings will follow..... 

* Click Here for Tour Of Italy CD Information

My Album: Dan Sullivan Takes Us On A Tour Of Italy was released May 1, 2006. It is my first live recording. The dialogue has been removed.



Our first grandchild made her miraculous way into the world. Claudia Gweneth ...... arrived, via stork, on June 30, 2004, at Fort Irwin Army Base in California. Three years later, mother, father and daughter, all doing fine back home in Wisconsin. Mother informed us on August 27, 2007 that our next grandchild is on the way. Our oldest son was married June 30, 2007. He informed us on September 2nd that our Daughter-in-law is also expecting. It will be a race as both babies are due about the same time!!!! This being a grandparent is great!

Our second grandchild has arrived!!! Donovan Lee ........ made his way into the world April 3, 2008, four weeks and five days early in Iksan, South Korea. Mother and child are doing fine. Our daughter-in-law was due May 6th and our daughter May 5th. Daughter-in-law won the race.

Our daughter gave birth to our third grandchild!!! Evan Alexander ...... joined us, 26 days after Donavan, on April 29, 2008.



          Claudia @ 3 months (2004)!  Claudia at Easter 2006!        Donavan Lee 2008           Evan Alexander 2008


     UPDATE !!!!! I have decided to add the full band sound to most of my shows. I play many of the instruments myself, including drums, bass, piano, steel guitar, guitar solos, etc., plus background vocals.  This takes a lot of time but the final product makes it all worthwhile. Newest on the list, as of August 13, 2012, Sullivan Sings Ricky Nelson, June 9, 2012, Sullivan Sings The Beatles, May 15, 2011, Sullivan Sings Doo-Wop At The Hop,  February 23,, 2011, Sullivan Sings Neil Diamond, March 23, 2010, Sullivan Sings Nat 'King' Cole, February 2, 2009, Sullivan Sings Tony Bennett August 18, 2008, Songs Of The Century September 12, 2007, Sullivan Sings Harmony, April 1, 2007, My Voice & His Piano, August 31, 2005, Sullivan Sings Sinatra August 4, 2005, A Tour Of Italy, June 19, 2005, Caribbean Carnival, April 17, 2005, Sullivan Sings Perry Como, November 23, 2004, Sullivan Sings The Rat Pack, September 3, 2004, Sullivan Sings Bobby Darin, August 26, 2004, Songs Of The 70s, August 2, 2004, Sullivan Sings Elvis Presley,  July 22, 2004, South of the Border, April 29, 2004, Songs Of The 30s,  May 10, 2004, Country & Western, March 21, 2004, Stage & Silver Screen - The Oscars, February 24, 2004, This Is My Story Of Ireland, January 20, 2004, Sullivan Sings For Sweethearts, January 10, 2004, A Century Of Hope, January 6, 2004, The Ladies Are Number One !!!, January 4, 2004 I'm Thinking Of You In Hawaii, December 1, 2003 Christmas Around The World, November 11, 2003, I Love America It's True, and October 1, 2003, Oktoberfest

       Each show has a full hour of music and stories revolving around a theme. Whether it be a singer/entertainer;  Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett, Perry Como, Bob Hope,  Bing Crosby, Dean Martin, Nat "King" Cole, Sammy Davis, Jr., a place; Ireland, Italy, Hawaii, or some other theme; Country & Western, Oktoberfest, Christmas, or the movies, each one will captivate and hold your interest throughout. To check out the full list of shows and recordings, click on the  Table Of Contents (Links) Page.

        I started out performing at a very young age with my folks. After leaving to go on my own in 1966, I performed with various bands until 1982. My travels have lead me to 39 states and several countries. In 1982 I took another challenging step, working as a single entertainer. You can't blame the bad jokes on the drummer, or anyone else for that matter. After 3 1/2 years at Lake Lawn Lodge Resort, in Delavan, Wisconsin, and 4 years as the ships entertainer on The Island Queen Riverboat, in Fox Lake, Illinois, a new door opened, doing shows for senior audiences. The rest is history, now over 6000 performances for these fabulous folks and I Love it!

10 NEW SHOWS IN 2004/2005....All new shows have full band sound pre-recorded.

I play every instrument including drums, bass, keyboards, guitar solos, various other instruments and background vocals. Close your eyes and you'll hear four or more of me. I just can't play it all live! I've added a bigger bang for your buck!

    A TOUR OF ITALY first performed on August 4, 2005. The songs were hits by Dean Martin, Jerry Vale, Vic Dana, Julius Larosa and more. Once again I play every instrument in the background including mandolin. Sixteen great songs including, That's Amore, More, Arreviderci Roma, Mona Lisa, Speak Softly Love and Volare.

    CARIBBEAN CARNIVAL, first performed on June 19, 2005. This show is filled with festive songs of the islands plus two originals. In 1974 I had the good fortune to sail from Nassau, Bahamas, to San Juan, Puerto Rico, thanks to my uncle and his wife. A life changing experience in more ways than one. Many of the songs were introduced by Harry Belafonte during the 50's and 60's. Songs like Day-O (The Banana Boat Song), Jamaica Farewell, Kingston Town, and The Sloop. John B.

    SULLIVAN SINGS PERRY COMO, Redone With Background Music April 2005, original program September, 2001 - Perry's life story is interspersed with seventeen of his greatest hit songs including: Till The End Of Time, It's Impossible, Round And Round, plus his biggest hit, Catch a Falling Star, to name a few.

    SULLIVAN SINGS THE RAT PACK, first performed November 23, 2004. This show continues using the worlds first guitar big band to belt of the great hits of Frank: I've Got The World On A String, Bewitched, Bothered And Bewildered, Dean: You're Nobody Till Somebody Loves You, Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime, and Sammy: The Candy Man, and What Kind Of Fool Am I. Each singer has six songs with some of their life stories mixed in. 

    SULLIVAN SINGS BOBBY DARIN, first performed September 3, 2004. This show has been a special one for me. I played the trumpet, saxophone, and trombone lines on guitars creating the WORLDS FIRST... GUITAR BIG BAND!!!! The show includes Bobby's Life story as well as many of his hits, from the early days of Rock 'N' Roll through the swing years, as well as his country and folk years, with seventeen songs including: Splish Splash, Dream Lover, Mac The Knife, Beyond The Sea, Things, Eighteen Yellow Roses, If I Were A Carpenter, Look At Me Now, and As Long As I'm Singing.

    SONG'S OF THE 70's, first performed August 26, 2004. This is from my new series called DECADES. If you are sporting an event featuring a particular decade, I will soon have a show to fit the bill from the 20's to the 70's. This one does include a couple of songs from other shows, but mostly they are unique to this program. Some of the songs include: Rhinestone Cowboy, She Believes In Me, Three Times A Lady, Song Sung Blue, Feelings, The Candy Man, And I Love You So, and It's Impossible.

    SULLIVAN SINGS ELVIS PRESLEY, first performed on August 2, 2004. The show includes his life story as well as nineteen songs including: Crying In The Chapel, All Shook Up, Hound Dog, I Can't Help Falling In Love With You, Are You Lonesome Tonight, Suspicious Minds, Viva Las Vegas, and more! 

     SOUTH OF THE BORDER, with the debut performance July 22, 2004 in Franklin, Wisconsin. Ole! Songs of Spanish influence. Several tunes sung by Gene Autry, Mexicali Rose, In A Little Spanish Town, Under Fiesta Stars, the classic Vaya Con Dios, hits by other stars, The Girl From Ipanema, Hernando's Hideaway from the "Pajama Game", Sinatra's, It Happened In Monterey, Marty Robbins, El Paso, of course, South Of The Border, and many more great songs. Schedule your performance now!

    SONG'S OF THE 30's, first performed April 29, 2004. This is from my new series called DECADES. Most of the songs are from other shows but a few are unique to this program. Some songs include: You Must Have Been A Beautiful Baby, When The Moon Comes Over The Mountain, All Or Nothing At All, Red Sails IN The Sunset, I Don't Know Why, and many more.

    SULLIVAN SINGS: NAT "KING" COLE, kicked off the year.  The debut performance was December 27, 2003, in Glenview, Illinois. I've never had an entire audience stand in line so long to tell me how much they enjoyed a show! It was a great experience. This new program is a full hour including Nat's life story and seventeen great songs.

Check back soon. There will be some audio and video clips!