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Dan Sullivan - Entertainer    

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Sullivan Sings Doo-Wop At The Hop


Catalogue Number:   SHO-9-CD (Available only on CD) released May 27,  2011 

The show background has Shane Sullivan on Drums and percussion, I added the rest (vocals - lead and background, bass guitar, piano, guitars, tambourine, castanet's)..

Doo-Wop music ran its course in about ten years, 1953-1963. What became known as Doo-Wop actually existed earlier, back to the 1930's with some of the harmony groups like the Ink Spots and Mills Brothers. In the late 60's the group Sha-Na-Na, took Doo-Wop to Woodstock beside Jimi Hendrix and all the rest. They had their own television show and kept Doo-Wop alive.


1.     At The Hop

2.     Little Darlin'

3.    Why Do Fools Fall In Love

4.     Earth Angel (Will You Be Mine)

5.     Who Wrote The Book Of Love

6.     Sh-Boom, Sh-Boom

7.     Duke Of Earl

8.     Charlie Brown

9.     Poison Ivy

10.   I Only Have Eyes For You

11.   Get A Job

12.   Sixteen Candles

13.   Silhouettes

14.   A Teenager In Love

15.  The Lion Sleeps Tonight

16.  Blue Moon

17.  Goodnight Sweetheart

18.  Rock & Roll Is Here To Stay



DAN SULLIVAN.....Vocals (lead & all harmonies), bass guitar, guitars (lead & rhythm),  piano, castanet's

SHANE SULLIVAN.....Drums, Bongo's

Producer, Dan Sullivan
Recorded Apricot Studio, Delavan, Wisconsin, March-May, 2011, Audio Production: J. Sullivan


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