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Dan Sullivan - Entertainer    

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Sullivan Sings Neil Diamond


Catalogue Number:   SHO-8-CD (Available only on CD)

     This CD features Mark Winner on piano, keyboard strings & horns, and Shane Sullivan on Drums & percussion and I added the rest (vocals, harmonies, bass & guitars, percussion, additional keyboard strings and horn lines etc.)

1.     Solitary Man

2.     I'm A Believer

3.    Thank The Lord For The Night Time

4.     Kentucky Woman

5.     Brother Love's Traveling Salvation Show

6.     Sweet Caroline

7.     Shilo

8.     Cracklin' Rosie

9.     Song Sung Blue

10.   Play Me

11.   Forever In Blue Jeans

12.   September Morn

13.   Hello Again

14.   America

15.  Yesterday's Songs


DAN SULLIVAN.....Vocals (lead & background), bass guitar, guitars (lead & rhythm) , some keys

MARK WINNER.....Piano, Strings, Horns

SHANE SULLIVAN.....Drums, Bongo's

Producer, Dan Sullivan
Recorded Cape Coral Florida January 11 - 15, 2011
completed  at Apricot Studio, Delavan, Wisconsin, February, 2011


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