Apricot MultiMedia Presents:

Dan Sullivan - Entertainer    


I Love America It's True

This patriotic show has been evolving since the 70s

    UPDATE !!!!! As of November 11, 2003 this show has the punch of a full band. I've prerecorded drums and bass. Close your eyes and you'll hear four more of me. I just can't play it all live!

        This show takes us on an historical journey through Americana. Hear the explanation about "The Star Spangled Banner" becoming our national anthem and why "Over There" became the rallying song of WWI. You'll learn why I wrote "I Love America It's True." Our history has led us down a special path. When the rest of the world tries to figure out what is different about America, there is only one word needed to sum it up. FREEDOM! As Frank Sinatra said in his special film The House I Live In... C'mon fella's, this is a great country, made up of a hundred different kinds of people and a hundred different ways of talkin' and a hundred different ways of goin' to church, but they're all American ways.....

The Song List:

1.    The Star Spangled Banner

2.    America (My Country 'Tis Of Thee)

3.    Over There

4.    Give My Regards To Broadway/Yankee Doodle Dandy/You're A Grand Old Flag

5.    Anchors Aweigh/The Caissons Go Rolling Along/Air Force Song/Marine's Hymn

6.    The House I Live In

7.    This Land Is Your Land

8.    America The Beautiful

9.    Dixie/Battle Hymn Of The Republic

10.  I Love America It's True (Original, not recorded)

11.  Yankee Doodle

12.  Closing with a special tribute to our veterans and God Bless America



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