Apricot MultiMedia Presents:

Dan Sullivan - Entertainer    


A Tour Of Italy

New in February, 2000

    This new version of show, starting August 4, 2005, has the punch of a full band. I've pre-recorded real drums, bass, mandolin, background vocals, and background guitars. Close your eyes and you'll hear four more of me. I just can't play it all live!  

    Take a tour of Italy featuring great Italian songs by Dean Martin, Vic Damone and other Italian singers. Hear about the history of Italy and discover how they have influenced the world with their greatest export, democracy. Learn about historical hero's, traditional foods, the cities of Napoli, Rome, Genoa and more! Drift down the water ways of Venice and feel the charm of a country which has given us so much great music! Following is a part of the introduction dialogue and a complete song list.

....Welcome to A Tour Of Italy, known as the gem if the Mediterranean. The country looks like a boot ready to kick Sicily towards the island of Corsica. Both are a part of Italy as is the island of Sardinia. No larger than the state of Arizona, three-quarters of the country is covered with rugged hills and mountains. The population is approximately 60 million....

The Song List:

1.    That's Amore

2.    Just Say I Love Her (Dicitencello)

3.    My Love, Forgive Me (Amore, Scusami)

4.    I Have But One Heart (O Marenariello)

5.    More

6.    You're Breaking My Heart (Mattinata)

7.    Return To Me (Ritorna   A Me)

8.    Forget Domani

9.    Mona Lisa

10.  Non Dimenticar

11.  There's No Tomorrow (O Sole Mio)

12.  Cumpari

13.  Speak Softly Love

14.  Arrivederci Roma

15.  On An Evening In Roma

16.  Volare

17. Closing with a special tribute to our veterans and God Bless America



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