Apricot MultiMedia Presents:

Dan Sullivan - Entertainer    


Sullivan Sings Bobby Darin

    New In August, 2004

    This new show has the punch of a full band. I've pre-recorded drums, bass, piano, vocals, and background guitar solos. Close your eyes and you'll hear four more of me. I just can't play it all live!     

     Born Walden Robert Cossotto, May 14, 1936 in the Bronx, New York. He lived life fast and with a sense of urgency. As a child he suffered rheumatic fever which damaged his heart. He grew up knowing he may have a short life expectancy. Bobby went on to become one of the most diverse entertainers to achieve stardom. He played rock 'n' roll, swing, country, blues, standards, folk, and Broadway hits. He was self taught on drums, piano, guitar and harmonica. He appeared in sixteen films and appeared on TV beginning in 1956 plus had his own network show in 1973. His performances were always packed from Las Vegas to New York. In 1960 he married Sandra Dee. He had a jealous streak whether real or imagined, thinking she was having an affair with every leading man she starred with. To this day claiming she was always faithful. Bobby had a heart valve replaced in 1971. After that kind of surgery he should have taken antibiotics to prevent infection entering his system when he had his teeth cleaned. He didn't. Septicemia, bacteria infiltrated the walls of his heart. He died December 20, 1973, at the age of 37.

The Song List:

1.      Rock Island Line

2.      Splish Splash

3.      Queen Of The Hop

4.      Dream Lover

5.      Mack The Knife

6.      Beyond The Sea

7.      Clementine

8.      Won't You Come Home Bill Bailey

9.      Artificial Flowers

10.    Up The Lazy River

11.    Guys And Dolls

12.    Things

13.    Eighteen Yellow Roses

14.    If I Were A Carpenter

15.    Rainin'

16.    Look At Me Now

17.    As Long As I'm Singin'

18.    Closing with a special tribute to our veterans and God Bless America



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