Apricot MultiMedia Presents:

Dan Sullivan - Entertainer    


Caribbean Carnival

New June, 2005

    This new show has the punch of a full band. I've pre-recorded drums, bass, piano, vocals, strings, and background guitar solos. Close your eyes and you'll hear four more of me. I just can't play it all live!  

    There is perhaps no music in the world more festive than songs of the Caribbean. In 1974, thanks to my uncle and aunt, I had the marvelous opportunity to spend three months, two days, twelve hours, fourteen minutes, and thirty-six seconds, living on a 34' sailboat, sailing from Nassau in the Bahama's to San Juan, Puerto Rico. It was a chance of a lifetime. Snorkeling daily for our next meal and easy going was a way of life. I learned many of these songs while on that journey. The Greater Antilles are made up of four large islands; Cuba, Jamaica, Hispaniola (Haiti & Dominican Republic) and Puerto Rico. The Lesser Antilles are a chain of smaller islands,  eastward and then curling southward from Puerto Rico all the way to South America. Technically, many of the islands which several of the songs in the program are written about, are not geographically in the Caribbean, but the music is often lumped together. There many cultures and languages to experience; English, Spanish, French and Dutch to name a few.

    Over half the songs were sung by Harry Belafonte. No one sang them better. Two songs are originals. Eastern Air, is the name of the boat I lived on. I learned a lot about life and included some of my experience in the song. I Like Toast The Most and Yeast The Least, is a silly, based on fact, song I wrote in Georgetown, Great Exuma in the Bahama's. Come on, let's journey together to the Caribbean Carnival! Let's go....

The Song List:

1.    Day-O (The Banana Boat Song)

2.    Angelina

3.    Beautiful Bermuda

4.    Coconut Water, Rum and Gin

5.    Liza, Open Up De Door

6.    Kingston Market

7.    Matilda

8.    Man Smart (Woman Smarter)

9.    Sloop John B.

10.  Zombie Jamboree

11.  Eastern Air (Original)

12.  Island Woman

13.  I Like Toast The Most And Yeast The Least

14. Jamaica Farewell

15. Shame And Scandal

16. Jump In The Line

17. Closing with a special tribute to our veterans and God Bless America



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